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Advantages of BCA over Bsc Csit

Here are some advantages of bca over bsc csit-

Entake of any stream . If you are from any stream (like science , commerce ,art, humanities ) but later on if you want to get some hands on experience on technology then BCA is best for you.

Comparatively student friendly – BCA has more limited and finely choosen subject materials than that of Bsc Csit . Its a more specialized course which focuses on practical implementation rather than knowing and learning the actual concepts.

Practical Approach . In BCA, it doesn’t matter whether the students grasp theory or not. Here, students must be able to apply that theory practically. But Bsc Csit is more theoretical based . In Bsc Csit it doesn’t matter whether the  students apply  taught knowledge practically or not . More preference is given to the theoretical part which needs to be properly grasped.

Boon for non science stream . It is a meduim for non science stream student to shift their career into tech. BCA seems to be a great helper and a game changer for those who have a greater urge to move into tech .

Environment -. Since BCA has diversified students from best to below average also . So this type of environment makes you grow on a personal level . There will be friends from different education background. You will have some surface level understanding about what is happening in different sectors. Eventually ,You will start to know world from different views .

Hate details and concepts . If you are a sort of person that don’t like going into much details . If you are one of a kind who just want to apply the concept right after seeing it then, bca is a good course for you. But that doesn’t mean you can completely skip some concepts . You have to go through every topics but the focus is on the application part not the theoritical part.

Here are some disadvantages of bca over csit. Disadvantages of BCA over Bsc Csit

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