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Advice for School and College Students

Here are some genuine advices to the students who are attending school or college from seniors-

  • Try to be a part of every extra curricular activities

Yes ! you heard it right .Never let your laziness override you. Whenever school or college organizes any function / extra curricular activities in school , it becomes an opportunity for students to be absent on that day . They stay in home watching unnecessary shows ,or sleep ,or play video games or any other . What they are actually missing is the memories ,the experiences . And there are other types who want to utilize these times in studies . Missing these days and studying in home won’t make you a overnight topper . You have a whole life to watch those shows and dramas . But these kind of days and friends gathering won’t come time and again in life. So, donot miss that.

Even if you don’t feel like competing in those activities then just be a part of it .Smile and laugh with your friends ,cheer them and watch upon them . Definitely you will learn a lot from that experience .

  • Study Hard

You have to follow the rule of “work hard and play hard “. School and college life makes a base for your bachelors and masters . So , study hard and when it comes to enjoying ,enjoy hard . Eventually this becomes a habit and helps in future . Like in your higher studies even though there may not be any pressure or compulsion to study you will be studying on your own because studying would already be your habit. Even if some may not opt for higher studies ,due to your habit of studying you will be studying novels ,biographies ,and other self help books.

  • Have empathy

Have empathy on every single personal of your school family. Show respect and some smiles to your school gatekeeper , cleaner , sweeper ,gardener and all the other hardworking professionals . Show some respect to all of your teachers and the teacher who you may like or may not like . If you find some mistakes or flaws in teaching style of your teacher , point out that flaws or mistakes politely and with respect . Just wish them in their birthdays and special days . Your one minute of wishing can add upon an unforgettable memories on your teachers life. Say sorry ! to your teacher or other personal l whenever you do mistakes or hurt them unintentionally . Say sorry! to your friends whenever you hurt them .It only takes some seconds to say sorry but that sorry can erase all your mistakes from their mind.

  • Participate in every stage related activities

Don’t let your fear stop you from participating in such activities . Yes whenever you would be on the stage ,you will be experiencing the fear like nothing else. But once you let the fear surpass and if you just stay there for some moment slowly that fear would go away .Slowly you would start experiencing the feeling of excitement , enjoyment like nothing else . Just let you stage fright go away in your childhood otherwise it would be very hard to overcome that fright in adulthood as you grow older.

There are other advices like have a saving habit , maintain your health and so on. Here are is link related to them Maintaining healthy lifestyle for students or teenagers .

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