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Advice for Your Twenties

These are the advices gathered from some pretty successful people for your twenties-

  • Explore and don’t be too serious

Yes! you heard it right . Twenties is such a phase where you would have enough time to explore about you. Its the time for knowing what are your likes ,dislikes. You have to try on many things , meet people ,gather experiences . Normal teenagers are never given that freedom to explore about their interests ,passion , dislikes in their teenage years . Because most of them have to be in the environment of school ,homework, sports ,extra class and so on. So its high time to find out what actually excites you . Or even if you can’t find that you can at least know what disgusts you.

Its the time where you have to know what type of person are you. If you are aspiring to have that job then you have to decide does your personality and temperament goes along that job. Suppose if you want to be a software engineer then you have to check yourself like are you always ready for change . Can you at least sit for couple of hours in that cubicle and gaze on the computer screen? .Are you a people person or a loner ? .Can you keep up with the latest technologies? and many more .

Its time to know your strengths and weaknesses .

  • Take risks

Twenties is the most commending time to take some risks . Like if you are doubting whether you should take part in that sport activity then just do it . If you are doubting on activities like taking part in competitions , or that art class , sport camp, or on some adventures then just do it. Go there and make your heart win even if your head says not to do them. Even if you fail ,even if those things don’t give any monetary benefits , until and unless you are enjoying you can continue them.

This is also the time to take some risks on network. Get over your insecurity and hesitancy and talk to that person . Go and attend their seminars, interviews and if possible ask them your questions . And this applies to your love life too .

  • Be willing to fail and change

Twenties is the time to try harder and fail better. Its ok to fail sometimes . In the process you will learn and gather the experiences . Suppose, you failed to persist in your dance class , if you realized that physical practice is not for you . Then it does not mean you failed ,it rather means you learned about you .Now after failing in practice you realized your weakness . Now you can shift your focus to some other directions like you can now focus on being a choreographer or an instructor. That’s how you learn from failure.

Another example may be . Like after failing in your hardcore coding job your realized that you are an extremely people person . Then that doesn’t mean you failed ,rather you realized your weakness and strength. Now you can shift your focus in some costumer facing job in tech or opt for other options.

  • Time for your parents

Have some quality time with your parents . Talk to them and know about them . Try to make them feel special with their favourite dish or taking them out. They are not going to be forever with you in your life . So make some time for them ,laugh and joke with them . Ask them about their childhood days ,likes and dislikes and many more . Help your mother in kitchen , in gardening .Help them in using gadgets . If you are in a job , try allocating some budget for them . It may be for their holidays plan ,or for their future liabilites or for their retirement.

  • Take care of your health and have a habit of saving

Being in your twenties doesn’t mean you can eat whatever the crap you want. All the junks you eat are going to show their results in future. So make sure you eat right most of the time. And also have a habit of saving . Always allocate a portion of your salary for the worst case scenarios . Like what if your landlord immediately tells you to vacate , what if you get seriously ill . In these cases you can use your saved amount and tackle your problems easily. Don’t have a habit of spending all the money you got.

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