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Best csit colleges in Nepal

Here are some of the best CSIT colleges in Nepal –

First priority -Government Colleges

Government College is best for three reasons-

  1. low fees- The fee structure of csit government colleges is almost half of private csit colleges.
  2. Free time- Most of the government college won’t pressurize you with attendance ,projects, assignments ,homeworks and many more. So you would get a lot of free time to learn extra skills on your own.
  3. Value- People tend to give more value to government college pass outs than that of private one . It’s because in government college ,students have to put in more efforts on their own to clear exams . As teacher won’t be always there for you everytime when you have doubts.

Amrit Science Campus , Bhaktapur Multiple Campus , Padhmakanya Campus , Patan Campus are some of the government colleges inside three valleys . There are also some good government college outside valley.

Its ok if you don’t get a chance to study in government college because government college have their own faults .

Some of the best private csit colleges

Here the list are not taken serially as every college have its own strengths and flaws . Here are some list of popular private colleges –

  • Sagarmatha College
  • St. Xavier College
  • Madan Bhandari College
  • Prime College
  • Nagarjuna College of IT
  • Ambition College
  • New Summit College
  • Trinity International College
  • St Lawrence College
  • Samajik College
  • Texas College
  • Swastik College
  • Bernhardt College
  • Samriddhi College
  • Kathford Int’l College
  • Orchid Int’l College
  • National College of Computer Studies
  • Nagarjuna College
  • Himalaya College of Engineering

You have to choose these colleges based on three factors

  • Distance – Choose colleges which is near your residential area.
  • Fees- Choose colleges which has affordable fees . Like you have to ask yourself that even in the worst case scenario ,is your parents able to pay the amount ?.
  • Strict on Practicals/Projects – You have to choose those colleges which are very strict on projects. For this you have to ask the respective seniors of the colleges.

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