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Best Jobs in 2030

As before taking our decision related to career we tend to think of long term . Like obviously, nobody is going to learn typewriting today . With the increasing automation and a boom in IT sector a lot of jobs have been replaced or upgraded . So to have a pace with the world ,taking up an educational degree that serves your interest as well as your future would be great. Here are some list of best jobs that are going to boom in 2030-

  • Data Scientist

Gone are the days where people used to go with inner instinct , old family followed methods or suggestions of elders to run a business . Now , every businesses are relying on data to grow more and more . Business have become more data driven . Data scientists are responsible for organizing and analyzing the data so that they make some sense. They try to get a solution to the existing business problem through that data .

Data Scientist is one of the most highly paid career field. You can become data scientist from any field if you have knack of numbers . If you can play around with numbers very well or can get conclusion from the complex data, then do consider it . Data scientists have to be good in various field of study like computer science ,machine learning , statistical analysis ,deep learning and so on .

  • Software development /Website Development

With the increase in technology , a lot of businesses want to go online . So, they would hire a developers who can make a good websites for their businesses . For those who already have websites ,they would want a personalized app for their business . As more and more people are trying to solve world problems , so there would be more jobs for software developers .

  • Digital Marketing

Once the businesses go online , now they would require marketers to grab the customers. This is where the job of digital marketers come. They would do copy writing , SEO , content creation , managing social media , email marketing and many more. If you are someone from tech and want to switch on your career then do consider digital marketing .

  • Cyber Security

When businesses are fine with grabbing good amount of costumers , now they need cyber security professionals . Cyber security professionals maintain their site secured free from external attacks . As every government ,banks , hospitals ,organizations are adapting new technologies and online system , there are high chances of security threat . So. there would be a huge demand of cyber security personals in government to businesses.

  • Everything on AI, Machine Learning , Block Chain Technology

Features like spelling correction, voice typing and a lot of automated things are being possible due to AI and ML. Social media platform like Youtube , Facebook , Tiktok use AI and ML for Ads and Recommendations . There are a going huge number of research on AI and machine learning . Like if you have a genuine interest in computer science and then you have huge scope to do something in this field.

With the increasing trend of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 . And also with the huge success of bitcoin in recent years there is a huge demand for blockchain developers.

Jobs that will be Replaced by AI in Near Future

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