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BIT or BSc CSIT or BIM or BE Computer Engineering or BCA

In the context of Nepal ,all the graduates from tech field will be competing in the same work force. So, choosing any course won’t have any affect in workforce. Here, I will try to clear out all your doubts related to BIT, BSC CSIT ,BE Computer Engineering or BIM.

1st case- Choose BIM if you are lazy and can’t study much

Go for BIM if you don’t want to go through the hectic lectures and syllabus . BIM won’t give you much pressure of studies. Because how hard or less you study ,the end goal is going to be same for all.That is ,all the tech graduates from various sectors will be competing in the same IT Job . It doesn’t matter whether you studied hard in bachelors or not. All that matters is skill to do an IT job. IT companies won’t check which degree you took in bachelors . For them completing bachelor with a good skillset is enough .

Pros– Saves time and less pressure . Easier syllabus of all .You can choose BIM from arts or management or science field .Not much math

Cons– Less valued course in the eye of people

2nd case- choose BCA if you want to learn many languages & don’t want to study harder

BCA is more focused on the application side of computer science . So this course will make you familiar with a lot of programming languages without going into much detail.

Pros– There is no any pressure for you to do detail study because focus is on the application part. Easier syllabus than CSIT.Art and management or science student can join.

Cons– Less valued as per people. Due to more languages it will make you master of none. Not much math .

3rd case- Choose BSc CSIT if you want a good syllabus but no engineering subjects

Choose CSIT if you want to go into details computer science and programming. In CSIT you won’t have much pressure to read unnecessary engineering subjects like in Computer Engineering. This course is best for those who are planning to go for research purpose in computer science .Because the course provides proper foundation for computer science.

Pros– Valued course as per people . No any engineering topics. No chemistry subject. Rich syllabus content.

Cons– You have to study Maths till 3rd sem . Physics in 1st sem. Management is not so good (results and notices are not so timely though they are trying to improve in coming phases). Only science stream from both bio and physical can study CSIT.

4th case- Choose BIT if you want a foreign course but don’t want to study much

BIT is a lighter version of CSIT .CSIT is a nepali course but BIT is a foreign course which was first taught by Purwanchal University. Now TU also teaches BIT.

Pros- Foreign Course. Not much pressure of syllabus. Best for those interested in networking . Can study from any +2 stream .

Cons– It is not a generalized course like CSIT. So in future , if you change your mind to go into some research field in CS then it will be harder to change.

5th case- Choose Computer Engineering if you want title of an “engineer” & can study very harder

Since course structure of CE is very vast . It contains the general engineering topics as well as of programming. So it will give you much pressure.

Pros – Title of an engineer. Highly prestigious. Vast Content so if utilized properly gives more scope .

Cons– Huge pressure of syllabus, less software focused. Not much free time to learn skills .

Pros of Studying BSc Hons Computing Than BSc CSIT

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