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Engaging Business Ideas For Retired People

Here are some small business ideas for retired people –

Start doing your long left Hobbies.

You may have liked things like painting ,sculpting ,paper crafts ,handicrafts ,dance , music, poetry or any sort of things as a hobby years ago . Whatever was the reason of not continuing them , now is the time. Now its high time to start those things which you really liked doing years ago.

Gardening/Small Farm

You can grow and sell plants to your society’s people. If you are allergic to flowers then you can do small farming . You can grow organic veggies on your own terrace ,backyard . You can also ask for barren land of your neighborhood and farm there.

Small Grocery Shop

This is one of the most sought out work for retired people . For this you have to use some of your savings money in initial phase . And after setting up your shop then its a cake walk.

Basic Exercise Service

If you have some spare room or space on your house then you can give some stretching service to other retirees or elders. There is no need to get certificates for this . You just have to set up audio system and then let the people dance / stretch themselves. Or if you know some basic exercise then you can teach them .


If you really like writing any form of literature ,then its suitable time period for publishing your books or novels or any form of literature. This is one of the right way for retired people to deliver their thoughts ,experience to youngsters.


If you have some knowledge or expertise on some field then you can act as a mentor /coach to young minds. People are more than willing to take advice from someone experienced than other .

Baby Sitting

If you like small children and have you can make some space in your house for babysitting . Then you can reach out to people of your neighbourhood for your service. Nowadays in this busy day to day life, people will be happy handing over their children to elderly people .

Tea Stall/Cafe

If you have no awkwardness in opening a tea stall then this is one of the good idea . This can really act out well if you can open the stall on reachable area. As some other retirees or elders will also be coming in your stall ,you can always have some talk with them and have a happy time.

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