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Cons of studying computer engineering

Some downsides of studying computer engineering are-

  • Have to go through general engineering subjects in first year

According to the course structure of IOE, during the entire first year ,every faculty of engineering has to study the general engineering subjects like mechanics, thermodynamics, physics, engineering drawing..etc. So, if you only want to learn core computer related subjects you can’t escape those. Even if you are not interested to study those things ,your somehow have to study and pass them.

  • Not much free time

You wont get much free time to learn skills or explore out your interests. Its because you will be investing a lot of time on understanding ,grasping and mugging up the theories . And these theories are mostly irrelevant to the present scenario.

  • Difficult entrance exam

Passing out the entrance of IOE is harder . And above all its mandatory to get a really good score to get admission in computer engineering department of good engineering colleges. So you have to be really determined and dedicated to score good in entrance.

  • No time for extra activities

If you prefer “skills” over “marks” then computer engineering might not serve you the best . Because the course structure is designed in such a way that if you focus on scoring outstanding marks . You wont get much time in developing your skills . Also if you start to give your time on skills then your marks start to deteriorate.

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