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Cons of studying CSIT

Like any other courses CSIT also has some pitfalls .

  • Environment is not so focused on score or marks

CSIT is not for those who give more emphasis on getting really good marks over getting good skills . The environment created around CSIT won’t be in your favour . Its because once you get into this course, you would be focusing on working on building programming skills . You would be exploring out your other interests ,working on your hobbies and all . Even a lot of seniors would be advising you to not focus on marks but rather focus on developing skills .

  • May feel lost, overwhelmed and frustrated

In CSIT , some of the students would be building really hard skills . Hard skills like skills based on programming ,data structures and algorithms . They would be learning different programming languages ,frameworks and stuffs. Some would be going in designing like graphics designing ,UI /UX and other technical skills . So if you are a person who doesn’t like much of technical stuffs like developing ,technical designing . Then its pretty sure that you will feel lost and frustrated while studying those concepts in college . You will be questioning yourself about your ability when you see your friends doing them.

– If you start to feel such things while studying any subject then don’t worry . Just remember a quote of a fish told to climb a tree . And in this scenario you are that fish . Even if you feel like dropping out don’t take that decision hastily . Who knows you are taught from wrong teacher or wrong method. So take decision wisely. For further information go through this link. Should You Really Follow Your Passion and Dropout?

  • Only for determined individual

It’s very heavy for those who studied it just because anyone said them that it has a lot of scope. Also it won’t suit for the ones who kept csit as the last option after MBBS or engineering exam . And in reality if you can’t sit for some hours and learn about technical stuffs then its going to be really hard.

  • Diversified environment

ln CSIT generally ,you would see people like a highly motivated individual who really wanted to study it from 11 . Other would be like who kept CSIT as last option just in case they couldn’t make it in MBBS or engineering. Some would be like confused person who came to study CSIT just because they heard their relatives saying it has a lot of scope.

So, generally you will see people trying on in many directions . As most of the them would be juggling around many more things like some would be highly focused on developing technical skills . Some would be working on their musical hobby. Others would be participating in political events . Some would be trying to open their own clothing centre, … and so forth . If you are a person who is really affected by environment ,then you have to time and again remind yourself about the goals which you made before studying CSIT. Because by the end of 3rd or 4th semester, some students tend to forget why they chose CSIT in the first place .

If you want to know some pros of csit ,go through this link. Csit or Computer Engineering?

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