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Csit or Computer Engineering?

A lot of students who have an interest in technology usually have a huge confusion in choosing Bsc Csit or BE computer engineering after +2.

If you want a clear cut answer from your seniors who are pursuing bsc csit or engineering then this is the right blog-

1st-Choose Computer Engineering if:

You are more of a studious, and focused person with an interest in technology. If you always prefer to be in a studious environment with a primary aim of passing out with flying colors . And finally apply in one of the top foreign university with whopping amount of scholarships . Then I suggest you to choose computer engineering of IOE . And make sure you try to get in Pulchowk,thapathali ,khwopa and other best engineering colleges .

You can pretty much get good scholarship to get into any prestigious college for masters . And then you can either work in your field of research in foreign university or work in your projects . Basically you can pave your path from there onwards . I suggest you just focus on passing out the entrance examination of IOE with very good rank .

If you think you belong under this category then do check out this link. Why computer engineering over csit in nepal?

2nd- Again choose Computer Engineering if:

If you are more of a tech enthusiast person who likes to hold a title. or make their family proud with an engineering degree . If you can allocate plenty of your time to study on course materials of Computer Engineering, then I suggest you opt for Computer Engineering . Make sure, you enroll in the top engineering colleges of TU. The reason why i am saying TU is because TU adds more value in your degree than any other universities of Nepal.

I suggest you to study very hard for entrance examination of IOE with a goal to get a good rank in IOE.

3rd-Choose CSIT if:

You are more of a person who is not so focused on study . If you prioritize skills over a degree and is ok with getting average marks in bachelors . If you want to get a real hand experience on your field of interest and interested in programming and softwares . Then Csit would be the best choice for you.

I suggest you prepare only for bsc csit entrance examination of IOST . You don’t need to go for the hideous engineering entrance examination as Bsc csit entrance exam is much easier to clear than of IOE.

4th-Choose CSIT if:

You are more of a person who is too much interested in softwares /coding/gaming /hacking . If you don’t like to waste time in learning the unnecessary topics taught in computer engineering like mechanics ,thermodynamics …. and many more engineering related topics. Then i suggest you just choose CSIT without any doubt and work on improving your skillset .

I suggest you prepare only for bsc csit entrance examination of IOST. If you have a drive for technology then you can easily pass the barrier to get into the field of IT .

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