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Disadvantages of BCA over Bsc Csit

Here is some discussion over disadvantages of BCA over CSIT is that –

1.Research purpose

Since bsc csit is a pure science course where different core concepts related to computer is taught . And bca is  an application course where the primary focus is mainly on application of various concepts and techniques related to technology. So if you are having a goal of going into research field in after bachelors then bsc csit is a good choice .

2.Programming Concepts

Bsc csit is a more elaborative and conceptual course . So ,if you are thinking of having a greater grasp of programming ,data structures and algorithm, having a good foundation of programming then subjects taught on bsc csit helps you a lot . Generally , the entire course of csit gives you a proper foundation of programming .


Generally speaking its easily known that bsc csit has more value than that of  bca.  As anyone from both the management and science background can study it . But only the +2 science stream students can study bsc csit .

4.Career shift

If you study bsc csit then you can easily shift to any science(STEM related career) as well as non science career in future . But after bca, shifting to pure science stream after bachelors will be a bit trickier. As its already known its impossible to shift to science stream in future if you are currently studying management. But there may not be this kind of barrier in someinternational university .


Since student of any stream who got D in their individual subjects can study bca . So in bca there would be mix of best as well as below average student . So if you are one of a kind who is highly affected by environment then go for csit. If you can’t perform well in mixmax kind of environment then you better go for csit.

Why CSIT ?

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