Easy and fast recipe for busy students

  • For those on a diet/fitness freaks – Mixed Salad recipe

Boil some potatoes. Then add those boiled potatoes , raw tomatoes , chopped onion , soaked peas , soaked gram(chana) . You can also add coriander ,garlic, ginger ,leafy greens ,cucumber as per your taste. Then add a pinch of salt, chilli and mix them well . You can also add boiled eggs .

You can serve it with rice or roti ,puffed rice (bhuja) , beaten rice (chiura), or pappad.

  • For the lazy folks- Daal Fry recipe

Those who feel very lazy to cut veggies then daal fry is the easiest and fastest recipe .

For this you need to take a bowl full of lentils(daal) and wash them. Then put those lentils in a pressure cooker . Pour double the amount of water in it with a spoonful of ghee/cooking oil and salt as per taste . Then let it cook properly with minimum 3 sitis of presure cooker.

While the lentil is cooking Cut an onion and a bowl of tomatoes .Cook them in a kadhai. And when the lentil is cooked pour it in the kadhai and stir it well. You can also add chillies ,coriander and raw onion for garnishing. And serve it with rice or roti.

  • For folks who are out of veggies at home – Aalu Daal recipe

If you don’t have any veggies at home then worry not. Here is an amazing recipe for you.

Boil some potatoes in pressure cooker. Then peel the potatoes and mash them slightly . Then heat some oil on kadhai. Add some cumin seeds, chopped onions and tomatoes in kadhai . Then add some salt , pinch of turmeric , some chillies on kadhai . Pour some water and cook tomatoes properly . Then add those mashed potatoes in kadhai and pour some water int it. Stir them well . You can add more water if your like more soup.

Then serve the dish with rice or roti.

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