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Secret Tips For Time Management To Students

Nowadays , time management has been a common problem for students. A normal student have to juggle around on a lot of stuffs in a single day. Like she/he have to go through classes, daily assignments , sport activities and so on . So its very crucial for students to manage time for handling all those things and acing on them. You need to have a high level time management skill to do well in studies, as well as to ace on sports and win on organized programs and with all this also have a quality time for family and friends . So to manage all this here are some mindblowing tips and tricks-

  • Switch off mobile when studying

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Yes ! you heard it right. While studying remove all your distractions by switching off your mobile. Because 90% of distraction you face is through your mobile .IF you want to get maximum result then focus for at least 2 hours on a particular subject without even going for a water break. If you have a habit of taking a social media break while studying like reacting ,chatting and scrolling on social media then stop it. This is the first and foremost thing that you have to master for better productivity.

For those who have to compulsorily study from mobiles or have a habit of it .Then you should put an app lock on your social media apps ,as well as put time limit on youtube .So that whenever you go off limit , this things will alert you. Its better to get a print out of your notes rather than studying from mobile. Cutting off time on cell phones works best for time management.

  • Try to multi task ( Its a Secret)

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If you have to take a bus go to school/college then you can go through your papers or  study materials while travelling. While in home, you can record what you study in phone. And you can listen to those  recording while walking, travelling or doing any sort of household work. 

This may sound odd but I used to do this several times . Like you can mug up the formulas and at the same time copy notes. This idea is best when you have to do rote learning of some formulas or scientific names or any other.

Another thing me and my friends used to do is that whenever there was some boring lecture or discussion going on we use to practice the important chapters on the back of our copies . You can also do it below the desk . If you carefully do it then you can revise some topics in college. One tip is you can use the same subject copy to practice. So when you are caught , you can justify that you are trying to note down the important points said by them. I personally used to revise important theories of physics and chemistry on my head while I was listening to the boring lectures. This was the tip given by toppers to me. You can happily manage time for other tasks using this technique.

  • Learn to develop a fix habit

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Try to give time to all the things everyday.. There are students who will be binge watching all the movies and TV shows for months .And at the time of exam they will be cracking all at once. If you really wanna miraculously ace at almost everything in your field  then you need to master delegating time. You have to make a fix timetable for your daily tasks. Like- one of my high achiever brother used to study for 2 hours daily whatever may be the situation. Since he used to do this from childhood. It became his habit in teenage years. So try to have this kinds of fix activities in your time table.

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