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Get to Know Your Career Through Your Personality

If you have gone through my recent blogs about career then it’s pretty sure you wondered what actually your personality is? Here, let’s know about the three basic personality type – 


Extroverts donot shy away from talking to strangers and people in general. Approaching to new people and having a talk with them is a piece of cake for them. They can easily talk around in new group. Extroverts can  get around with people very easily . And ,they never feel uncomfortable when approached by strangers. 

Extroverts are never choosy on people. They just open their mouth anytime they want with any people. Small talk, a general hi-hello to everyone they meet is a part of their daily life. 

Career for Extroverts 

They will suffocate if they do jobs which do not require interacting with people. They can’t perform well in jobs if they do it alone completely or in isolation. So, here are some careers for extroverts – 

Teacher, light attendant, sales , marketing, customer service event planner. Counseler, bar tender , lawyer, recruiter, business manager , project manager ,journalist, politics, PR, HR ,etc


Introverts usually have their own space and territory. They don’t like being approached suddenly. They will be uncomfortable if they have to open up in their first meetings in groups. Introverts usually like to take time to choose people whom they want to talk to. 

It’s not that introverts never want to talk or communicate , they just don’t find small talk very effective. But on contrary, sometimes you will find them talking way too much on the matter of their interests. They just choose people who fit in their group and whom they can talk too. 

Career For Introverts

Introverts will be frustrated if they are not given to work alone. Yes, they also want some small interaction with people while working. But they don’t like too much of people involvement. They want their own space and some time to do deep work. 

Here are some careers for introverts – 

Scientists, researchers, software engineer,social media manager, content writer and Ux designer. Also architect, writer, data scientists, graphic designer, manager mechanic are also other career options. Career in business like market research analyst, accountant, etc are other options.


Ambiverts are the choosy and moody extroverts. They can confuse people about their personality. Sometimes, they are found being too outgoing and talkative with any unknown people in general. And sometimes they shy away to approach strangers or people. So people confuse them with introverts/extroverts. So if you have a confusion whether you are an introvert or extrovert then definitely you are an Ambivert.  Also, Research has shown that ambiverts outperform both the introverts and extroverts

Career for ambiverts

HR, Teacher , Virtual Assistant, PR ,psychology, graphic design and nurse. Also careers like counseler , dept manager , therapy, web development, sales and marketing are for ambiverts.

Which career is right for me ?

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