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How to prepare for csit?

Preparation for CSIT is done with different approach in different cases as –

1st case- ( regular IOE aspirant)

If you are preparing for IOE then same syllabus is going to help you in the entrance examination of CSIT. Most of the 1 mark related questions of IOE are going to be relatable in csit entrance preparation.

After the result IOE if you are opting for CSIT then I suggest you to buy a good csit entrance preparation book . And prepare with that that book.

2nd case -(regular CSIT aspirant)

This is the case for those who are thinking of preparing only for CSIT and none other . They can buy 1/2 good entrance preparation book . Make sure you go through all the topics and concepts carefully . You can also join a 1 month entrance preparation class which are only focuses on CSIT :not IOE. Make sure you attend mock tests organized by different colleges.

3rd-(The year loss CSIT aspirant )

Those who did year loss due to some reasons might have forgotten the PCM concepts of +2. Then ,I suggest you to watch a lot of youtube videos of CSIT entrance preparation . You can easily find a lot in youtube. Then you need to buy CSIT entrance preparation books and practice thoroughly. You can also join a 1-2 month CSIT entrance preparation class . You can also watch a lot of videos where they show the quick techniques to solve1 mark questions of IOE . From youtube vidoes you can acquire a lot of tips and tricks to tackle the short questions.

At last ,

Make sure you attend all the mock tests as much as possible . You have to be familiar with question pattern, exam protocals and time limit. Before the actual exam by IOST ,many colleges organize free 1 month entrance preparation classes . They also take mock tests . If possible , try to attend all those mock tests and practice more.

And since a scientific calculator is allowed in CSIT entrance . So make sure you learn a lot of tips and tricks to check answers in calculator. And one good thing is that there is no any negative marking in CSIT . So, make sure you attempt all the questions .Why CSIT ?

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