Importance of Having A Mentor

There are an unexplainable importance of having a mentor. In this world where there are thousands of paths with thousands of alternatives with thousands of different methods , everyone needs a mentor who can help you to pick that very path, leave that very alternative and pick that very method to use your full potential .


Before going on this article, I want to be grateful to all my mentors who guided and are guiding me on my journey to improve myself.

May all my mentors shine and smile as always wherever they are and wherever they go. I have my deepest gratitude and utmost respect to them .

Need of Mentor

In this 21st century, as everyone is moving in fast pace, you will need a mentor to show you – your path. You need a mentor to show what are your weaknesses and strengths. Your mentor will tell you what you need to focus on and what not to. You will be considered the luckiest person of world if you got a mentor. Once you get a mentor all you have to do is you have to have a learner attitude and give utmost respect to them. Because God sent them to you. Your mentor is the only one who will have happier seeing you learn and seeing you improve .

For those who haven’t got their mentor yet 

My suggestion would be – to always maintain a learners attitude, be humble, search constantly and have faith in God to get you one. Yes! You will get one for sure. May be in the form of your seniors, your lead in workspace, your boss, your supervisor, your coworkers, your parents, your friends, your siblings, or the person who hired you or the stranger whom you met in bus, basically anyone. Even with all this , if you don’t recognize you mentor, then there is one best teacher in the world who is -“You” and “Only You”. As the saying goes- “You are your own Master”. But one day or the other someone will arrive in your life and lift you like never before . But till you get one , you have to always be a good learner and try to improve on your own. You have to remember all your parents hardships, your hardships and say you haven’t come this far to only come this far.  

As the saying goes-“birds of same feather attract each other”. Whatever the profession/work you do, try to give back something to humanity, try to develop a humble and a helping nature in any situation. And eventually, you will attract the mentor whom you aspire to be. 


Never ever try to override or outsmart your mentor in any point of your life. Because they came into your life when you were nothing. Your mentor is the only one who will be happy seeing you improve. If you don’t show them their value then slowly they will slowly move away from your life and you will be left with nothing . So be humble ,be grateful . Always do good and be good. And you will attract the same kind of people everywhere.

Whoever is reading this May all you hardships come to an end and May you recognize your mentor soon.Technology Trends to watch out for in 2023

Sudeshna Thapa

A Computer Science Student and Blogger at Malai.info

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