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Jobs that will be Replaced by AI in Near Future

Here are some list of jobs that will be automated by AI in near future –

  • Waiter /Waitress

You may also have seen AI robots serving foods in restaurants. Those robots surely have replace some of the waiter/waitress of that restaurant. So in future we will be seeing only some handful of highly skilled waiter/waitress . And other all will be replaced by AI robots.

  • Customer Service

Gone are the days, where there used to be a dedicated employee who would pick up the customer’s phone and give services . Now, we have chatbots for that task. Chatbots are programmed to give the general queries of customers . Yes , some organizations still provide customer services for people. But slowly this number would be decreasing to nill. In near future those AI programmed chatbots would be easily answering the queries of people .

  • Cleaner job

As we also have seen this happening from past . Our grandparents used to do a lot of household works themselves with hand . Our parents prefer calling maid for assisting in household work . We prefer using washing machine , vacuum cleaner , dishwasher instead of calling maid. In this way the AI powered gadgets will replace a lot of cleaning jobs in future .

  • Manufacturing

Nowadays manufacturing industries use some part picking robots to assist labors in their works. With the advancement in technology, more and more AI robots will assist in manufacturing industries . And slowly there will be less demand of manual workers in industries . As robots will be used instead of human labour.

  • Labour Jobs

A lot of jobs in construction sites will be replaced by large Ai powered machines . We already have seen the use of drones for irrigating water in fields. As well as ,AI machines will replace works like tea picking /picking anything ,cutting , watering ,etc .

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