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Maintaining healthy lifestyle for students or teenagers

Nowadays there is tough competition everywhere and in everything .In order to perform well studying hard is not sufficient. You have to maintain your health also. Whether you are preparing for assessment exams or entrance exams ,you need a stable mind. Only healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind. Here are some tips for students/teenagers to maintain a healthy lifestyle-

  • Warm water in morning

Always start your day with warm water in the morning . It will be better if you can add a spoon of jaggery powder (gudd/sakkar) in it. You can also some drops of lemon if you want to loose your weight . For students who have a problem of low pressure can add a pinch of black salt(bire nunn).

  • Exercise/ Yoga

Some folks like to maintain calmness in the morning . So ,for them yoga is the best exercise . And whoever wants some jumping and running in the morning ,can do any kind of such exercise . But make sure the exercise are of low intensity because you have a long day to run and jump .

  • Always prefer homemade food over junk

Its ok to have fast food occasionally as a cheat meal or when you have no other option. But it’s not good to eat fast food and packaged food everyday .In breakfast you can eat tea or sattu or anykind of home made roti . You can also eat soaked grams in the morning . Then you can eat rice ,dal ,vegetables and pickle in the meal . In lunch you can eat probiotics like curd ,pickle ,salads . In the dinner you can eat roti and some veggies . Try to have varieties in your veggies .

  • Cut off excessive maida and fast food from your diet.

Your parents shouting at you while you eat noodles all the time is a no joke . Its very harmful in the long run . Its ok to have some of it occasionally . But foods like noodles , momo , chowmein donot have much nutritional value . They are all made from white flour (maidaa) and with lots of engine oil. .Even if you crave those foods try to make those in your own home. You can at least learn to make aataa momo and pasta at your own house.

The oil that hotels use won’t replaced for years . You can also notice that while they are cooking . The never replace the old oil rather they cut the new packet and add on to it. Likewise instead of eating unhygienic panipuri /chatpate outside you can always make that in your house. The only thing is you have to stop being lazy and be more health conscious.

Fast food are way expensive than home made food . Buying 2 kilograms of chicken and preparing at home is way more healthier and cheaper than buying a bucket of tandoori chicken . So take care of your finances as well. For money saving and making tips click the link here –Money Making Tips For Teenager Students of Nepal

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