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Money Making Tips For Teenager Students of Nepal

If you are a teenager student and want some tips to make some money while not affecting your study then, here are some tips for you-


The first and and most easiest thing to do is giving some tuition classes to your juniors. In any society ,there are some student who will be struggling in their studies .So if you notice such students , you can directly approach them or their parents and tutor them in reasonable rate . You can make some good money if you are able to gather a more students.

From your old stuffs

You can sell your old books ,your mom’s old sarees and utensils. Sell your old clothes and almost anything in a reasonable amount online . You can sell them on some good online sites and earn some money from them . This is one of the great idea for students who want to earn some pocket money with little efforts. You just have to click the pictures and post them .


This may sound weird but if you have some interest in taking good pictures then , there are a lot of platform in internet where you can post . Or basically you can sell your images and earn good amount of money. This is one of the blessing for students who like doing photography as hobby.


If you like making paper crafts like origami, decoration items ,card making, etc. Then you can make those in your spare time and post it in online platform and sell those there . Nowadays there is a good demand of paper crafts. Apart from this , some schools also teach some paper crafts in art classes . So this can be a good opportunity for students to earn money from the things that was taught in school.


You can rent your clothes ,novel books or any books , shoes , jewelleries or anything on some rental sites and earn money from it. But you have to be extra careful with that . So make sure you state your rental policy to your customers before renting.

Dance,yoga,exercise class

If you are living in a health centric community then you can ask elders to provide some dance,yoga or exercise classes for them. You can give them such training in evening after school and homework or early in the morning.

Basic Parlour Service

Especially for girls ,with minimal time and little practice you can learn basic parlour like threading ,nail art , makeup ,saree draping,etc . And you can give those service to the ladies of your neighbourhood.


If you have even a little bit of interest in writing about your experience ,or advising then blogging can be suitable medium for you. You can easily earn money from blogs . By investing just an hour of their day ,student can earn money from their blogs.

Knitting /Painting/ Sculpting

As the name suggests ,you can pour your creativity on these things whichever you are interested in and earn money. You can utilize your spare time to make those things and sell them using your instagram /facebook .


If you like farming and growing veggies in your kitchen garden .Then you can ask for the barren land of your neighbourhood uncle and you can grow organic veggies there . You have to barely give one hour everyday to look after them .There is no need to go and sell in specific market because you can easily sell them to your society’s people .And nowadays people directly buy from farm land. For this you can also take help of your parents or elders.


You can start your own youtube channel on your topic of interest and monitize it to earn money . You can make videos related to study ,fashion ,beauty , dance ,singing, painting ,drawing, vlog videos ,almost about anything.


If you have some skills like content creation, writing ,poetry , web designing , software development , then you can give those services in different freelancing platform and make some handsome amount of money.

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