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Pros of Studying BSc CSIT than BSc Hons Computing

Here are some advantages of studying BSc CSIT over BSc Hons Computing are-

  • Helps you find your specifics in IT field

There will be a lot of students who have an interest in technology but they are unsure about which specific domain to choose in IT. So , for choosing your domain suggestion ,advice or articles of others won’t help . Until and unless you try it out on your own you won’t know. So being a generalized course CSIT lets you know what is the domain that fascinates you. And later on you can specialize on that domain.

  • Cheaper Course

BSc CSIT is more cheaper course than BSc Hons Computing . On the top of that if you manage to get into government colleges then it will be much more cheaper. After all it all depends on you whether you can learn technical skills on your own or not. So, if you enroll in a cheap csit college and learn some hard skills on your own then its best than any other. Whether you study in an expensive college or a cheap college ,its you who have to work hard. Without your effort ,that expensive degree is going to be worthless.

  • More Credit Hours

BSc CSIT has got more credit hours than BSC Hons .As in most of the colleges BSC Hons Computing is taught only for 3 years . So if you are planning to go to foreign for masters then some of the foreign universities might create a problem regarding your credit hours.

  • No English Barrier

If you are trying to study BSc Hons and by chance your score on English subject of +2 was not upto 60% then it might create a problem for you. But there is not any English barrier in CSIT. You just have to pass the entrance exam.

If you want to prepare for bsc csit then go through this link –How to prepare for csit?

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