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Pros of Studying BSc Hons Computing Than BSc CSIT

Here are some advantages of studying bsc hons computing than bsc csit –

  • Experience of International degree in native country

Studying BSc Hons Computing course in Nepal gives you an awesome experience of studying international degree in Nepal . You can have to taste of foreign education and that to with low cost fees. Same course would take a whooping amount of money if you study in foreign country. Here taking a taste of your mother’s food and staying with family ,you can experience an international degree.

  • Specialiazed Course

Its a more specialized course with focus on programming, databases ,software system development ,computer network architecture . So if you have similar interests as to the course syllabus of BSc Hons Computing then its a cake walk for you. Your focus is not deviated here . You can be the master of your domain rather than being a jack of all trades.

  • No physics, not much maths and other subjects

In CSIT you have to study physics in 1st sem . There is maths upto 3rd sem and other subjects like microprocessor,digital logic ,etc. It’s really hectic to do practicals assignments of the. And the worst part is you have to go through them thoroughly to pass their exams .But BSc Hons computing eliminates all these things making you more specifically inclined to your domain. The course is so specific that you wont have time for things that are irrelevant to your domain.

  • Monitoring ,Evaluation and Serious Projects

You are always monitored and evaluated based on your performance on your assessments and projects . So if you do very well by being in this kind of strict environment where you can’t do ignorance /negligence on any of your projects then BSc Hons is a right course for you.

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