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Pros of studying Software Engineering over CSIT and CE

Here are some short points on why there are advantages of studying software engineering over CSIT and CE are-

  • Title

After studying any engineering related courses in bachelors -the first and foremost thing that you would get is an “engineer” title . But you can’t get an “engineer” titile after studying csit. Csit is a bachelor in science course.

  • Works wonders for highly passionate about softwares

If you are very passionate about softwares and their development ;and you donot think of anything rather than softwares then this 4 years course is really going to be fruitful for you . Because you don’t need to study unnecessary subjects and useless topics . In computer engineering ,you have to study a lot of general engineering topics . In CE topics like thermodynamics , engineering mechanics may consume a lot of your time and may not be much relevant. So in both the CSIT and software engineering very limited ,chosen and only the necessary subjects are taught .

  • Saved Time

Since you have study only the limited subjects ,you donot have to waste your time and energy on mugging up the unnecessary concepts like you have to do in CE .So you can utilize a lot of your free time in learning other skills related to software engineering. And similar is the case for CSIT.

Affordable fee in Pokhara University

If you are from pokhara then it would be like a cherry on the top for you. Because with only paying less than 5 lakhs ,you will be able to complete a computer related course.

  • Specialized

SE is best for those who are only interested in software side of things . Those who don’t want to go through the chaotic details of hardwares and stuffs SE is best. Because you get to have a title and that too without having to go through the complicated hardware concepts.

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