Should you compulsorily study computer related course to work in tech field

The short answer is no!. No, its not always a compulsion to study tech computer related course to work in tech field. The only thing tech/IT companies of Nepal or of any part of the world look is your skills. They want to see how much of a tech enthusiast you are and what personal projects you have done before hiring you. They don’t focus on your educational background. You just have to be bachelor running or bachelor completed . You can be from any educational field . But in this case you must be able to prove that are skilled and a good learner. 

The alternative answer 

Yes, anyone from any educational background can do a job in IT field. But it’s more than good if you are from tech background. The job vacancies that different tech companies post, mostly mention that the candidates must be from computer related field.But your educational documents are worthlessness if you lack tech related skills. So, even being from different educational background, you can get your place in tech if you have learned some hardcore skill. 

There is a certain advantage to those who studied tech related subject because they will be easily familiar with most of the tech related concepts. It will be relatively easier for them to catch of new technologies. But there are a lot of wonderful people in tech backgrounds who had and are doing mind-blowing things even they are from completely different educational backgrounds. 

So it all boils down to one thing is that if you are ready to do whatever you can to learn that  skill which you are interested in then there is no one stopping you. One day or the other you will be able to prove your techie grit and be able to contribute in tech field. 

And its ok if you initially chose a wrong educational field and later on got interested in tech field. Sometimes it happens and its completely fine. The only thing that matters is your actual hardcore tech skill and your willingness to learn. 

Good luck on your journey in tech field! And keep hustling. 


Sudeshna Thapa

A Computer Science Student and Blogger at Malai.info

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