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Should You Join Entrance Preparation Institute?

Every year a lot of Engineering/CSIT aspirants join in institutions to clear IOE/IOST/KU entrance. But the question is “Is it really worth it? ” . Should you really join in any of the Entrance Preparation Institute.

1st case- Don’t Go if you are trying to be entirely dependent on it.

If you go through the question pattern of IOE exam you will get your answers. How could they cover and clarify all the concepts required to ace the entrance in just 3 months. Truly speaking, its a complete waste of money and time if you think that just visiting to these institutions and only following them is enough. Institutions are just like the final touch given to shape your concepts.

 Its you who have to utilise your time in home and clear the concepts related to the tricks shared in your class. It’s you who have to constantly ask your doubts to those teachers . They will just provide you the short cut tricks, some important concepts, and some frequently used formulae. But  you have to be that capable and smart to utilise those tricks with your concept. 

2nd case – Joining Institutes is fine

It’s fine for those who are willing to put 10x amount of time on their study after their institute classes. 

Its best if you already have a  good grasp on concepts asked in entrance because now you can finely use all the methods and tricks taught in the entrance classes. But it’s also fine if you have forget the concepts because now you can dedicate your full time on learning those things with tips and tricks. 

3rd case – Joining Entrance Institute is a must  

It’s a must for those who are having a gap in their study. Like they might have tried foreign for some years and now they forgot everything of +2. So, Institute is a must for them because there will not be much time left to relearn concepts all over again . So at this timeframe, the tricks provided by institute will help them a lot. With this, they will at least be able to pass IOE or CSIT. 

Institute is also a must for those who are trying to shift from bio to engineering field. Because they will also not have more time to learn all those maths concepts . So ,the tricks provided by the institute will help them.

It’s a must for those who want to get really high scores in entrance exams . Because it will provide them a time frame to study , give them confidence and also polish their concepts.

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