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Should You Really Follow Your Passion and Dropout ?

This is just a hot topic among todays youths whether to follow their passion or that lucrative course . Some are even asking to dropout . To answer this lets divide us into three categories and take a decision based on that .

  • First category- The one from a well to do family

If your family can manage financially in your absence , then definitely dropout . If you can’t work in that field ,the rest of your life then definitely follow your passion . Don’t make you suffocate .Do what interests you ,leaving behind all the fears of society ,friends and other people . Yes, passion can change but do what you feel like doing at present moment . But the only commitment you have to do is you will give your one hundred percent in your thing . You should never look back even if you fail.

  • Second category- The middle class one

In this case the middle class are the ones who have to suffer a lot. Because at one point they think that somehow their family can manage financially even without their help . And in the next minute suddenly such situations will arise that you are ready to study whatever that pays well . And with all this if you are really feeling stuck studying that course . If you feel like having a dropout then don’t be in a hurry to do it.

First of all ask your close friends ,your family and other close people . Ask them about you ,do they really feel an awe to your talent . Do they feel those vibes from you. Because those close people know lot about you , your personality ,your temperament ,your strength and weakness .

Sometimes you may want to do the complete opposite thing which maybe against your personality. You might want to shift your major to law but who knows you are best suited for social work. So in that case you should study BSW rather than BA LLB. So the suggestion is list out your strengths and weakness by taking career assessment tests or asking your closed ones . And play on your strengths . But after all this ,if your heart wants to follow your passion or work on your talent then go for it. But make sure you complete your degree and have a side job or a skill . So even in the worst scenario, you always have the backup degree from which you can get a job .

  • Third category- The lower middle class one

First of all , the questions like dropping out of college barely comes in the mind of these folks. All those struggles ,tons of sacrifice, tears and pain ,tons of responsibilities and obligations have already made these individual too much practical that they barely think of missing the chance of getting an educational certificate . But even if this thing is coming on your head then don’t ever think of doing it . You just have to continue on your educational journey .

First get a stable job in your hand and then only you can work on your what interests you. Nowadays, there is no age barrier to any of the thing , you can do your thing at any age . But first make sure that your job fulfills your as well as your family’s needs. But if you are highly talented on your thing from childhood . And people around feel like going for it rather than opting for some reputable courses. Then I suggest you take on some easy courses which can be passed with less effort. And then you can fully work on talent . And if everything goes out well then there is nothing to say. Even if in case you couldn’t make it ,then you always have degree in hand. You can use your degree to earn your living .

In conclusion(for 2nd and 3rd category one)

Its just that don’t think of dropping out even in your worst situation . If you are really have a passion to do that thing then one way or the other you will find a way to do it .You can do it even while continuing your studies . While taking any decision ,always look the worst of situation that can happen to you after taking that decision . If you can somehow tolerate the consequences then you are good to go. otherwise think of other alternatives.

Its one life ,only one .So do what you feel like doing . There will be only some handful of people crying at your grave . But that doesn’t mean you you leave everything and be a complete mesh . Because after all you also have to sustain yourself where you need basic things like food ,cloth and shelter . So, have a skill or a job that can provide you with those things and then without any doubt you can think for you and only you. So make sure you complete your education have a job and then you can do whatever you want to do . And yes whatever you do that shouldn’t hurt any living being physically ,mentally ,socially ,psychologically or in any other form directly. And at last yes passion can change .And dropout is not the only option. Money Making Tips For Teenager Students of Nepal

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