Tips to make sweet thick curd at home

Anyone with little knowledge can make curd but to make a sweet curd is a challenging task. So here are some quick tips for you to make a sweet mouth watering curd easily at home .

  • Use full fat milk or buffalo milk

Just buy buffalo milk rather than searching for full fat cow milk . Buffalo milk is always full fat .But if you are using cow milk then make sure its full fat. While buying you have to ensure from shopkeeper that the fat from milk is not taken out.

  • Boil milk until it becomes half the amount

One hack is boil the milk in a low temperature till it becomes half the actual amount.

  • While boiling add a spoonful of sugar in milk

While you are boiling the milk add a spoonful of sugar in it . This is the secret recipe above all . You can even replace sugar with gud/sakkar . I got this recipe from a Bengali aunt . She used to make misti doi which used to be extremely sweet . Make sure you are not using too much sugar . One spoon is fine.

  • After boiling, let the milk cool down until luke warm

Turn off the gas and let the milk cool naturally. Wait until the milk is lukewarm . Make sure the milk is not too hot . You can check it by dipping your pinky finger on the milk . If your pinky can adjust the temperature then its the right time to hurry for next step.

  • Use clay pots

jug, clay, pot-5979036.jpg

Get your clay pot ready after the milk is luke warm . Pour the lukewarm milk in the clay pot . You can use any type of clayware but make sure it has good supporting base. Because the curd has to set properly without shaking . You can even use clay bowl . The earthen pot is most for making thick curd. The small pores in earthen pot evaporates excess water from the milk thus making your curd thick. .

  • Use a spoonful of good curd

Add a spoonful of good curd in that lukewarm milk and stir it gently . The curd that you are using must not be sour.

  • Use a tight fitting lid / warm cloth

You should use a tight lid to cover the clay pot . You can also use a warm cloth or aluminium foil if you don’t have lid.

  • Place it in a secluded corner of your kitchen

Place the pot an area where the general real of children or people is not possible. Once you put your pot there it must not be shaken or disturbed. So use of pot with broad supporting base is a must. For good result cover your pot with a warm cloth.

  • Let the curd set overnight/ wait for atleast 9-10 hours

You can make curd after eating dinner .And let it set overnight and use it in the breakfast . Even if you are making it in any part of day , let it set for 9-10 hours .

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One thought on “Tips to make sweet thick curd at home

  • Ganesh

    I tried this just yesterday night. The curd was slightly thick and very sweet too. Thanks for this secret recipe.


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