We don’t Speak Up( We Leave Our Words as woss!)

I leave my words as woss! . Oh! Sorry we leave our words as woss !. We know what’s stopping us . Yeh it’s that little insecurity,that very fear of violence  and the usual what happens if…, stopping us. We fear what if this gets out of hand .We fear the unknown danger that may happen after our words .So we stay shutting up. We tolerate,we pretend,we bow,we surrender. And at last we say leave it. That fucking woss! “Woss leave it ! xoddeu”.

But why ? .

Why do you have to leave it.Why you have to be crushed to the soul when you are badly beaten by the system and its unjustifying procedures. Why ? Sometimes you have to ask this “why “to yourself  and just do one thing . And that one and only thing is speak up . 

Yes, speak up! .Sometimes when you don’t speak up , there will be more harm to you . People will consider you as weak if you tolerate them for long time . So, the moment you feel something is not right , you feel attacked then just speak up . Say write into their face and say its enough! . And state your thing .

Be it people ,be it government , donot fear anybody.

You have your right to speak , you have right to say no more -not anymore . You have the freedom to state your boundaries and warn others to not cross that. If you let your small frustrations and anger reside inside you for longtime. One day or the other it will bulge out into someone whom it shouldn’t be. But speaking up right at that moment, right to their face will maintain your relationship and your worth. They will know when to stop and when to push you.

So, dear ladies and gentlemen speak up! . Raise your voice. I know its thoughtful ,beautiful and worth listening when you speak. Speak up for you and for the voiceless ! .

PS: “Woss!” is a nepali word to say “leave it! ”

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Sudeshna Thapa

A Computer Science Student and Blogger at Malai.info

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