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Which career is right for me ?

At one point in our life we frequently have this question of “Which career is right for me ?” . And truly saying ,this question haunts us very severely . So to get you out of this spiral loop of confusion here are some steps for you –

  • Get to know your personality 

The first thing is you have to know what type of person you are. Are you more sort of extrovert, introvert, or an ambivert. Do you prefer working in a cosy environment like an office , or in a cubicle. Or you like working outside office as a sales person or business developer. 

  • Take a career assessment test 

There are a lot of free career test online. The only thing that’s required is your patience and honesty. You have to answer some  questions in those tests. Then you will get a result. And based on that you can have  some idea about your personality and career field. 

Here are some personality assessment test for free .Just click on these links and enjoy the process.

  • Ask your family and friends about you

Never ask your parents about which career you should move into. You have to be smart here. You rather ask them or any close people about how they see you as in person. What makes you smile based on their view. What kind of people and environment triggers you. You can also ask about the things they admire and they hate about you. With this, you will know about your strength and weaknesses. 

  • Work on your strength 

Once you know your strength. Then you have to develop that strength to the fullest. 

Leave your weaknesses to the side. You never say a fish to learn to climb a tree. Similarly if you are lacking interest in everything but you have found your strength then work on it.

  • Exceptional case- Work on your weakness .Work on your passion even if your strength is on complete opposite thing.

To those you have interest in something but strength in complete opposite thing 

Suppose, you are very good in maths since childhood. But if you have a huge interest in football then here you have to weigh all the pros and cons. Here you have to ask some harsh questions to you. Can you dedicate your whole life to it? Can you tolerate the harsh trainings? Is your personality suitable for teamwork? And you also have to be ready for worst case scenarios. Like – what if you are not selected for years . What if you reach nowhere in sports and compromise with your fate. Can you tolerate all the harsh comments of people on you . People will be taunting you and mocking you at your decision .

If you can cope up with all those things then go for it . If you are ready for the worst of situations then definitely give your 100% on it . Let the world see next legend in your field.

One tip is- you can use your strength to earn a living and work on your passion side by side. Like for above example – you can practice football whole day as well as work as math tutor part time. Maintaining healthy lifestyle for students or teenagers

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