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Why computer engineering over csit in nepal?

If you want to know the benefits of choosing computer engineering over csit then you are in the right blog-

1)The first benefit is – Knowledge of wide range of topics

Computer engineering covers wide range of topics rather than focusing on singular thing(i.e. programming) like in CSIT . So, you will have a general knowledge about a lot of things related to engineering and computer science . And this increases your scope or opportunities.

Its because you can try on many careers like -you can work on your research thing . You can go on space industry, work on robotics ,AI, Machine learning and many more .

2) Government job

If you are aspiring to work for govt from computer/ technology department then studying CE serves the most . It’s because govt opens a lot of vacancies for computer engineering graduates than for Csit . If your main focus is working in government sector then Csit might create a few problem to you.


If you take pride on having an engineer title before your name then you have to study engineering . Csit won’t provide you the title of an engineer. If your parents are very strict on this matter then make sure you study engineering . You can learn Csit or other related course in masters . But once you study csit you can’t choose engineering related course in masters to get an engineer title.

4) If you prefer a studious environment

As, the saying goes the pulchowk is best not by its teachers but by its students . Not only pulchowk ,most of the engineering colleges are best because of the studious and competitive environment around it . So if you prefer such environment to excel in your study and career. Then make sure ,you study computer engineering in a good college which will ultimately push you harder and bring out the best in you.

Apart from this if you want to know about software engineering check out this link-Pros of studying Software Engineering over CSIT and CE

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