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Why CSIT ?

If you are choosing to study CSIT instead computer Engineering then this is the right post. Here are the reasons to choose it –

  • You donot have to go through hectic engineering subjects

CSIT course is only focused on giving solid foundation of programming ,and networking. Here you don’t have to worry about studying the general engineering subjects . You don’t have to study subjects like engineering mechanics ,thermodynamics ,etc

  • Timely updated course

CSIT course is updated like in every 1-2 years . So you don’t have to go through the old course structure of Computer Engineering .

  • You get a lot of extra time to learn newest technologies

This course has almost all relevant concepts and topics . So, students get a lot of free time to attend seminars ,bootcamps ,webinars to gain more skills .If you are a self learner then you can basically learn a lot of programming skills on the internet. Moreover, you can also allocate some time on exploring out your hobbies,or intersets .

And moreover ,if you got a chance to study in government colleges then you will get a lot of free time to learn stuffs on your own . Its because there wont be much pressure of homework, assignments and tests.

  • It is comparatively easy

You donot have to study the hard concepts of mechanics,thermodynamics, chemistry and electronics in CSIT . Here in CSIT the subjects like data structure and algorithm ,microprocessor …etc would be hard to grasp but if you have interest then nothing comes in your way .

  • Boon for those who hated chemisty in +2

If you hated organic and inorganics of chemistry then CSIT is the right choice. Even the physics and maths taught in this course is lot easier than of engineering .But having a good foundation of calculus helps you a lot .

If you have made up your mind to study csit then click through this link to prepare for it How to prepare for csit?

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